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Find product market fit faster with a SaaS development kit for Next.js

Build & iterate at the speed of thought. Save your self months of work with ZERO vendor lock-in

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export const {billing, auth, workspace} = Init1up({
  billing: {
    type: 'stripe',
    features: [
      {title: "Feature 1", description: "This is a feature"},
      {title: "Feature 2", description: "This is a feature"},
      {title: "Feature 3", description: "This is a feature"},
    plans: [
        name: 'Pro',
        features: [
          {value: "2"},
          {value: "true"},
          {value: "false"}
  auth: {
    guards: async ({sessionData, can, cannot}) => {
      if(sessionData.userId) {
        can('READ', 'workspace')

Single Source

Set your config & initialize your project from a single file.

Get instant access to auth that you own, a complete billing solution and prebuilt pages for your next.js project.

Easily add features to your app without modifying core code. This unlocks easier updates, allowing you to consume new 1upsaas features as they're released.

Included Features

Modules included

All-in-one auth

Handle sessions easily. Built in role authorization. Social logins included with the easy to use oauth solution.


It's better to have teams/organization built from the start. Includes inviting and managing user roles in the workspace.

Agnostic Billing

An agnostic billing module for the javascript world. Can easily work with any provider by using drivers, like lemonsqueezy and stripe.

File upload api routes

Included are api routes and frontend components for easily uploading any file type to an s3 compatiable buckets.

External API management

Create API keys per workspace, and lockdown your API routes. Create public & private endpoints.

Smart components & utilities

Leverage an extensive set of practical components that will increase your efficiency during your development process.

Get access to the github repo

You'll recieve an email to activate your license key and enter your email associated with your github account for access to the github repo.

After activating your license, you'll be able to post issues, view pull requests, releases & join the discussions with other saas creators.

A licence is valid per project.

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What's Included?

  • Access to the codebase on github
  • Lifetime access. All future updates!
  • Support


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SaaS SDK & boilerplate for Next.js

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